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Challenge your brain, your body and have a lot of fun! Twelve 30-minute lessons over two weeks - how many of the 204 levels can you complete?

Rhythm Rhythm Revolution contains graded dance puzzles. The first levels of the game are easily attainable by preschoolers. Older children will move through the material more quickly to increasingly difficult rhythms. Crossing the midline + tapping opposite sides of your body + intense mental challenge + cardiovascular exercise = a big boost in neurogenesis and brain hemisphere integration!


A 12-lesson (40 mins each) course which will turn your child into a composer guided by two cartoon characters, Muttzart and Ratmaninoff.

From first principles, so no music knowledge needed. At the end of the course the children will be able to write a 16 bar melody with a bass accompaniment from scratch using the musical concepts of repetition, retrograde and sequence.

For those who already have some musical knowledge extension activities transcribing their compositions online will be available.