Adventure in Composition for children aged 7-11 years

A 12-lesson (40 mins each) course which will turn your child into a composer. From first principles, so no music knowledge needed. At the end of the course the children will be able to write a 16 bar melody with a bass accompaniment from scratch using the musical concepts of repetition, retrograde and sequence. For those who already have some musical knowledge extension activities will be available. Six places available per class.

What tech do I need?

1. A tablet/computer to view the class. A phone screen will not be large enough for you to view the teaching material.
2. A piano/keyboard, or a second device (phone/laptop/computer) running a free virtual piano app such as Piano HD or
3. You'll receive an email containing lesson worksheets which you'll need to print out before the lesson starts.
4. The lessons will take place using Zoom. You can download the app or view the meeting in a browser, whichever you prefer.

5. You'll be emailed some worksheets which you'll need to print out before the lesson.
6. We will also be using This can be accessed via either device and may be used outside class times if this is more convenient.

Six places available per class. The age range is a guide only. Younger children with musical knowledge and/or parental support and older children with no musical knowledge are welcome to sign up. If younger children need larger-print versions of the worksheets, just ask!




Powderhall, Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 4GD

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